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Hidden Best Seller Helps You Destroy Limiting Beliefs, Uncover Inner Greatness, and Live The Good Life

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  • The Success Engine System + Personal Power Audit (Value $97)
  • The Transformation Triad Masterclass (Value: $47)
  • Passion and Purpose Manifesto (Value $7)




This training gives you a powerful process and tool you can use over and over again to help you quickly gain clarity and discover solutions to any challenge you may face. Up until now, only taught to my coaching clients - but add to your order now for just $7.00. Includes 5 video lessons and accompanying worksheets.


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The simple book and tools to help you immerge from this storm better than ever...

"It's not about the storm. It's about the set of your sail." - Jim Rohn. 

With today's crazy world, there's no doubt you've felt uncertain, fear, stress, worry and doubt.

But you're not someone who is defined by what is happening around you. You're defined by what you create in this moment.

You're not here to settle for ok, average or good.

You want to find the seed of opportunity in every moment of adversity...

The book and free bonuses will help you transform every obstacle into massive opportunity.

Learn the simple and clear step by step tools to help you identify, destroy and replace the limiting beliefs holding you back.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Discover When You Order Your Book Today...

How limiting beliefs are kept alive and well (page 25)

Edgewalkers vs Apathetics (page 19)

Living off stories: the voices keeping you from reality (page 27)

The secret training system you've been trained to ignore (page 33)

The rearview mirror & vows of ignorance (page 39)

Track Your Limiting Beliefs - 5 clues to uncover what you don't yet know (page 45)

Recontextualizing the world for your power (page 53)

The end of identity: leaving the essential behind (page 55)

Self esteem: rocket fuel & roses (page 61)

Get out & stay in: selective ignorance for the happy (page 77)

Hacking methods for the obliteration of limiting beliefs (page 91)

The secret shortcut & knowing your starting point (page 83)

Harness the hidden power of thought (page 93)

Harnessing the hidden power of fear (page 109)

Guzzle the magic potion (page 121)

Reprogaming your future self (page 133)

On the finding & giving of your greatest gift (page 146)

Discovery: Set Sail (page 151)

Fight the tide (page 163)

Surrender & open hands (page 167)

100% Responsiblity - for those in relationships (Page 171)



The Success Engine System + Personal Power Audit (Value $97)

  • The simple 5 cylinders of the Success Engine, and the daily system you can use to make sure you're always accelerating towards your dreams!


  • How To Rediscover Your Deeper Purpose And Passion (Value $7)


  • The Transformation Triad Masterclass (Value: $47)

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"I have read a lot of self help books but this is one of the most life changing books I have read.:

"this is the most accessible, no holds barred handbook to guide you through limiting beliefs"

"It made me happier - amazing how can one book change one's perspective!"

"Life Changing. This book has really helped...I plan on rereading this book."

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"Great, quick read that will surely leave you in a better place than wehn you began."

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"This is a book that you want to have in your home library. Don't delay."

"One of the best self improvement books I've come across in quite a while."

"AMAZING! This book not only inspired me to keep pushing to be my true authentic self, but I have been raving out it to family and friends."

"This is the best book I've ever ead on limiting beliefs (and I've read a lot). If you are stuck deciding between books, get this one. Not only does it explain the theory brilliantly, you get real, solid techniques to really break through your own limiting beliefs."

"He covers so many great topics that bring a lot of awareness to limitations we put on ourselves that I didn't think about before...would love to see another book written by this brilliant guy."

"Uncovering limiting beliefs, deconstructing them, and replacing them with the truth that empowers and expand you...this is the most accessible, no-holds-barred handbook to guide you through that process."

"One of my new favorites...I'm a guy who loves the works of James Allen, Jim Rohn, Les Brown and others alike. Now I'm a guy who loves the works of Jonathan Heston as well."

"A must read! Mind dissecting, heart pounding, gut wrenching awesomeness!"

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"THIS BOOK. Most amazing self-improvement book I've read all year. It sums up every aspect of addressing your limiting beliefs and empowering yourself into one clear, coherent, actionable guide. I highly recommend it."

"Motivational, realistic and to the point...the author drops power bombs..."

"Absolutely powerful tools to destroy your Limiting Beliefs...the information is presented in such a down to earth manner, anyone can learn and impliment the simple and effective methods in this book"

"WOW, what an amazing work this is! I am still in tears, fabulous read!"

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About The Author

Jonathan Heston

I’m an entrepreneur, author and coach who has been on a lifetime mission to support the freedom and power of individuals who advance the world.

Today, I do this by helping people become the consistent and full embodiment of their deepest values and desires in both life and business.

I’ve specifically helped hundreds of business owners increase their capacity and ability to win at the highest level - without the stress, burnout and ongoing struggle to have fun and fulfillment in life.

The Unlimited Self is an succinct and practical resource to step into the next best version of yourself.

And there has never been a better time than now to draw a line in the sand and take a stand for your future.

So I want to buy the book for you, so I can support as many people as possible to use these uncertain times as rocketfuel for their future.

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From Back Of Book:

Every person I talk to has one thing in common…

And it isn’t something they like to admit.
Every one of them wants things better…

They feel lost in a desert. Almost like they were born at the wrong time in history.

And when they go to build their dreams, accomplish their ambitions and live at their highest expressions, they violently swing between moments of power and moments of fear, uncertainty and diminishing confidence.


In other words – they hit their own limiting beliefs.

They want to make money doing something meaningful with their lives… but they keep showing up at a job or have a business that leeches their life and energy.

They want better intimacy… but they don’t know the skillsets and mindsets to keep the fire alive with their lover.

They want to be a great parent… but when they spend time with their kids, they are only half engaged.

They want to feel strong, alive and vibrant… but they feel so overwhelmed and busy with all the other areas of life, they continually let their health slip.

They want to follow their passion… but they don’t have a freaking clue what they are even passionate about. They don’t even know why they are here.

At the end of it all, everyone knows inside that they are called to greatness…

To live an epic life…
To have no regrets…
To leave a legacy to be proud of.

But even with everyone having this fire of greatness within…

Most aren’t even close to where they imagined or dreamed they would be in life…


Because schools and our parents didn’t know how to show us the mindsets and skillsets to destroy the limiting beliefs and internal self sabatoge patterns.

Patterns that all of us face when we decide to live anything more than an average life.
You can have your dream…but if your internal beliefs don’t believe it’s possible. It isn’t.

Lots of people still debate what success means.

How about this.
Success is when someone is willing to not just dream about becoming great…but take responsibility for making it happen.

Success is doing the INNER work that is necessary to move past the hidden “blocks” that keep you from creating your dreams.

So the question is simply this.

Are you ready to seize your greatness and not let go?

Are you are ready for the mindsets and skillets that allow you to destroy ANY limiting belief that is holding you back from your greatness?

If so…

-- Jonathan Heston // Coeur D'alene Idaho // December 2020


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